Why is my capcut lagging

Why is my capcut lagging? Fix Your Capcut Lagging, Crashing, And Auto-Closing

Why is my capcut lagging

It’s frustrating when your capcut video editor does not work properly and its keeps lagging or crashing. It can happen due to multiple reasons like low-version mobile phones, not enough RAM or Storage or it can be due to bad processors. 

Capcut is not a huge application that required modern phones to run but still, if you have a low-version mobile phone, it will keep lagging. 

Now, how to fix this issue. This article will provide you with a complete guide and fix solution to your question. Why is my capcut lagging so much?

Reasons For why Capcut is Lagging

There could be multiple possible reasons for capcut lagging.

  • Your device’s RAM is full or low because of too many apps running in the background. You can try to close some apps or clear your device’s cache to free up some memory.
  • Your video file size is too large or has a high resolution or frame rate. You can try to reduce the file size or quality of your video before importing it to Capcut.
  • Your Capcut app is outdated or corrupted. You can try to update the app to the latest version or reinstall it if necessary.

How To Solve Your Capcut Lagging Problem

To solve the capcut lagging issue clear your app cache, optimize videos before importing, and remove unnecessary background apps. This will help you in fixing this issue.

As the reasons for capcut lagging are multiple, the solutions are too. We will try to cover all possible solutions to fix this problem.

1. Update/Reinstall The Capcut

It seems simple, but it can be a reason for lagging. If you didn’t update the app for a long time, you should try to update to its latest version and see if the lagging is fixed. If you updated the app and try to install it again.

Go to app info and then uninstall from there. Head over to Play Store, search for capcut again, and install from there.

2. Clear App Cache

App cache is a helpful option for the overall speed of your phone. If the cache is full you will see some slightly dropped in performance. Clear your device cache regularly for its best performance.

To do so, go to app info > storage > Clear Cache

3. Optimize Video Size

What exactly that means to optimize video size? Sometimes we import very large videos into capcut while editing. This could be the main reason for your lagging. Reducing the video size will help a lot to fix this issue. Learn how to use templates

You can use Handbrake to convert your videos without losing quality.

4. Remove Background Apps

We open multiple apps and closed them but it may run into the background of our mobile and will affect the mobile performance. Before using the capcut, make sure to clear all your background apps and then start to use capcut again.

5. Good Internet

As the capcut is an online application, especially if you are using online templates or elements in your capcut sequence, you may notice some lagging because of a bad internet connection. Improving the internet can fix the lagging issue of capcut.

6. Use Alternatives

If you try all the solutions and still it didn’t worked for your device, you can use capcut alternatives for your video editing projects. There is multiple apps in the market which provides same functionality as capcut.

Why Is My Capcut Lagging On PC

Some users report the issue of capcut lagging on pc also, but this is very rare. As any PC is capable of running capcut very smoothly. PCs are usually enough powerful ro run simple software like capcut easily.

If you are experiencing lagging on your PC, It may be due to an HDD Health problem or any serious issue.


As we see we may have different problems with our devices. Try all the solutions listed above to fix this issue. I hope this guide helps you with your question “Why is my capcut lagging” and that you got your solutions. Good luck on your editing journey.

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