How to Use Capcut Templates for TikTok

how to use capcut templates

Templates are everywhere and people are crazy about it, but question is “How to use CapCut Templates?“With just some clicks you can make customize your creative video. Isn’t that great?  When it comes to videos we are more greedy to make videos for ourselves with trendy things. 

We live in the capcut templates era right now, and we all want to make trendy videos for status, social media, or TikTok. The article includes a complete guide about capcut templates. Start your journey on capcut world. capcut template new trend. If you do not have CapCut pro version to edit your templates. No worries, Download CapCut Mod APK to have full access to CapCut.

What are Capcut Templates 

Capcut templates are videos found on the capcut app where we can edit and add our videos and picture and it automatically pastes all effects into our media and generates an excellent video for us. 

The customization depends from template to template. For every capcut template, you can view a live preview of what a template will look like. 

If you are a passionate video editor, you can start earning money by becoming a template creator.

How To Use Capcut Templates

Using templates on capcut is so easy. Let’s have a look on step by step guide on how to use CapCut Templates. In the capcut app go to the template menu first.

Choose the template category from the above menu. Most users preferred “For You” templates as its trendy.

Now choose the templates from the template library. Clicking on the template will give you a live preview. 

Click on “Use Template” in the bottom corner to edit it.

It will open your Library. Choose the videos and images you want to use in the video. Control the duration at the bottom.

When you choose the images you want to use. It’s done. There you have the video.

step by step guide how to use capcut templates

Edit a CapCut Template

You have learned how to use capcut templates but you are not satisfied with the result of the template, you can edit the template and add your filter and effect to enhance your video even more. The editing process is the same as you edit your video. After applying a template to your video, you can add your own filter and effects by dragging it on the timeline.  

Pro Tip

Don’t limit to only one template. Try different templates on your video one by one before publishing it on TikTok.

How to Export Template Video 

Now the video is ready, you want to export it. CapCut supports 4K 60 FPS but can export to your desired resolution. When your video is prepared, It’s time to export the video. Choose the export option top right corner.

Choose the resolution of the video. The estimated file size will be given below.

Choose the Export option last or if you want without a watermark, choose the first option.

The exporting will be started. And you can share it with friends or upload it on TikTok.

Trendy and Popular Templates 

Here are some best CapCut Templates that you can use in your video. Follow the article if you are experiencing any lag in capcut.

  • habibi capcut template
  • ra ra capcut template
  • ical capcut template
  • healing thailand capcut template
  • capcut loading template

Final Verdict

Using CapCut Templates on TikTok is key to viral your video. CapCut Templates help you create your video in seconds and you can create more videos in a short span of time. The CapCut Template library is endless, try different templates and check which one suit you the most. Export it and publish it on TikTok!

When you click on save on a template, it is saved in the CapCut dashboard. You can access all of your saved templates on the home screen of CapCut.

Templates are basically a combination of different video filters and effects. You can use multiple templates by copying effects and filters from templates.

You can upload music from your phone gallery or you can use it from another template.

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