How To Remove Watermark in CapCut Template | How To Remove CapCut Ending

How To Remove Watermark in CapCut Template

CapCut is leading video editing from the front. Almost complete social media shorts/reels and tiktok videos are made by CapCut nowadays. Video editing is now easy but it comes with some challenges as well. The big challenge for CapCut users is how to remove watermark in CapCut template and to remove CapCut ending. In this blog, we will cover all this, so you will export videos without a watermark and CapCut ending. 

There are two ways of removing watermarks, one is paid and one is free. The paid way of doing this is to purchase the premium version and upgrade your package, this way you will be the premium user of the CapCut and you will have the option of Exporting a video or template without a watermark.

Another answer to the question of How to remove watermark in CapCut template is to install the CapCut Mod APK. This is completely free and you will have all the options as same as the premium user of the CapCut. 

When you will edit your own video, you will be given the option of “Remove Ending” at the bottom bar and while exporting the template, at the last screen you will able to export the video without a watermark. This way you will be exported without a watermark and you will get all the answers to your question “How to get rid of CapCut ending”.

Steps Guide of How to Remove Watermark in CapCut Template

 Let it makes it easier for you. We have broken down the process into simple easy steps.

  1. Visit, and select your OS first whether you are downloading it for Android, iOS, or Windows.
  2. Click on Download and the download will begin shortly.
  3. Once downloaded, head to the settings of your mobile and enable installation from “unknown sources”.
  4. Now go back to your download directory and install the CapCut APK file into your device.
  5. Once installation is done, Launch the CapCut.
  6.  It will ask you to create an account, learn the steps of getting started with CapCut.
  7. You also can skip it by simply click on the cross button at the top right corner of the screen.
  8. Click on Templates, and use any template of your choice and edit your video.
  9. Now while exporting, you will have the option of “Export video without Watermark”.
  10. Click on “Export video without Watermark” and exporting will start.
  11. Play the video in the gallery, and voila! There is no watermark on it.
  12. Share your video freely on any social media platform, TikTok etc.
how to remove capcut watermark in tiktok

How To Remove CapCut Ending

After Removing the CapCut watermark now another challenge is “how to get rid of CapCut ending?”. Removing the CapCut ending is a very simple process. Before moving into the process, have in mind you must have the premium version or Mod version of the CapCut. When your video editing is complete, you will have the option of removing CapCut in the bottom editing bar. Simply click on it and the ending will be removed. Now export the video and your video will have no CapCut ending.

how to remove capcut ending

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