How To Move Text In Capcut Template. Step By Step Guide For Beginners

how to move text in capcut templates

For most users, Capcut Video Editor is your favorite platform to make stunning and amazing videos, It’s all because of the templates the platform offers. you can customize the pictures and videos but sometimes you are unable to move text in your favorite template on capcut. Here is how to do it.

First note this, the editing and moving of text in templates totally depends on the Template creator setting. If the creator does not allow you to move text, then you cannot. If he allowed you, you can simply drag to move under the text menu. 

How can you know if the creator is allowed or not? Let me show that to you.

When you open a template, you want to edit. There are two options coming at the bottom of the screen. Now here is the main point, if in the option the text menu is showing, it means you can edit and move the text.

Text Menu

If you are not seeing the text menu, it simply means you cannot edit and move the text. When you will try to move you will probably see the error message coming.

So let’s see how to edit and move text in case the creator allowed us.

On the template editing screen, tap on the text menu.

Now, click on the text appearing in the timeline to edit and move. Then, tap on the pencil icon to edit.


To move the text, simply drag it to the place you need and there you have it.

Move Text

In short, it is very easy to do that but the creator of the template must be allowed to edit. Otherwise, we cannot do that. 

if you are looking for guide to publish your own template by becoming capcut template creator program, follow our article on step by step guide.

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