How To Make a Video Go Faster On CapCut

How To Make a Video Go Faster On CapCut

The magic of video editing lies not only in its ability to manipulate visuals but also in controlling the passage of time itself. Video editing needs a creative mind to produce fantastic output and to bring that creativity into the work, we need a lot of learning. One such learning is “How to make a video go faster on CapCut?” 

Before we dive into the answer to this we first have to understand that changing the speed of the video can change the tone and interpretation of the video drastically in CapCut Mod APK. When you create a tutorial video, speeding video up helps you to deliver your lengthy process video in less time. If you are a videographer or editing your travel vlog, you might use this feature to create an engaging time-lapse of a sunrise or a bustling cityscape. The point here is “it’s not just about knowing the technical steps but also understanding when, where, and how to implement them when editing a video.

Steps Guide: How To Make a Video Go Faster On CapCut

Let’s make our video faster in the steps guide. We have explained the easiest way to master speed control and where to implement them like a pro!

Step 01. Import Your Video: Open CapCut and click on the import or plus sign on the front page. Now select the videos you want to go faster. You will see previews of the video you have selected. Click on add and the videos will appear on the timeline.

Step 02. Adjustment Feature: Once the video is imported will be shown on the timeline. To access the speed adjustment feature, click on the video on the timeline to which you want to increase the speed.

Step 03. Adjust the Speed: The speed option will only be shown when you will click on the specific video on the timeline to which you want to increase the speed. Now click on the speed option in the bottom bar. You will have 2 different ways to increase your speed. One is a curve and the other is normal.

The curve method will give you a graph to increase or decrease. It will seamlessly slow or fast up without a jerk. The normal method is very easy to use. Just drag the point at your desired speed. 1x is normal and above and below it is fast and slow. Set where you think it is perfect for you. 

Step 04. Export the video: Now you are ready to go share your video on TikTok, Insta and any other platoform. You have learned “How To Make a Video Go Faster On CapCut” and now You can export the video without a watermark as well. Export into your desired quality and FPS.

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