How To Become A Capcut Template Creator Program To Publish Your Templates

Capcut Template Creator Program

You may have used capcut templates for your videos, yes, but have you ever wondered how we can create our own templates and publish them for others or how to become an official capcut template creator program? 

If you are good at video editing or you are interested in creating templates, then you should read this article earlier. But still, it’s not late, I am gonna tell you one thing, you can start earning by publishing capcut templates. Yes, you heard it right. Let’s dive into how to do this.

Applying for capcut creator program is simple. Click on top banner on capcut app to fill the form and submit it. After the account in approved, you can start publishing your own templates.

Apply To Capcut Template Creator Program

To enroll in the capcut template creator program, make sure you read their creator agreement before you apply.

First, download the Capcut on your phone by going to Google Playstore or App Store.

When installed, go to the template section and click on the banner on top of the screen. 


Additionally, you can go to the capcut template creator program page to start applying for the capcut tutorial monetization program.

The form will ask you for the following details:

  • Email
  • Are you over 18 years old?
  • Do you currently live in the US?
  • What’s your preferred name?
  • What’s your CapCut ID
  • What’s your WhatsApp number?
  • What’s your Discord ID?
  • If you are referred by anyone, please enter their ID/name.
  • Please submit a video edited by CapCut as a sample (60s max) with A LINK TO THE VIDEO.
  • Please attach a screenshot of the CapCut project timeline for your submitted video as proof.
  • Please share your TikTok profile link.
  • Do you have any suggestions for CapCut? Your suggestions help us improve!

Once you have filled in these details, you can submit the form and then wait for the response.

Capcut Template Creator Form Link

If are unable to find a banner in the capcut application, no worries, you can go to the capcut template creator link directly to start applying. The form will ask you for some details and will accept if everything is correct.

Please note that capcut is prioritizing US creators over others, so if you living in the US and have a good portfolio, there is more chance you will get a response very soon. 

Capcut Monetization Program

capcut mod app

The creator should be paid for what he is making, and that’s what the capcut does. You can earn money by publishing templates. Basically, capcut is offering two monetization programs for creators. The first one is to publish templates and get monetized your content and start earning. This will earn you better and has good scope.

The second program is to monetize content by uploading tutorial videos of capcut. That will suit you more if you are passionate about teaching others.

Capcut Template Creator Apk

Capcut is not like other video editing apps, it is more powerful than that because of the huge audience they have. The users are crazy because of the stunning templates they are offering, and it’s very simple to edit them.

You can download capcut template creator apk and start to chasing your dreams through creativity.

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